About me

Hello, my name is Ionut but my friends call me Johnny (nick-name – gi0ny).

I am from Bucharest, capital of Romania. I am working in IT industry as a Software Engineer, testing software.

I have 2 big hobbies: Board Games and Photography.

I’m a big fan of board games and last year, in 2021, I decided to share this with the wonderful community on instagram in particular.
I got in touch with board games many years ago, probably somewhere in 2010, but a little more in 2018-2019. And in 2020, with the unfortunate pandemic, I started buying and playing extremely many games. In just 2 years I have reached a collection of about 200 titles (+170 extensions) and more 1500 games played.

In the winter of 2021, I created my board_games_reactions Instagram account where I post some of the games I play, unboxings, reviews / overviews and participate in community challenges. I try to create unique compositions of games / components etc.

I like to share the wonderful experience of this world with people in this hobby but especially with people who don’t know about it or who are just starting out. I always try to help, to give advice to guide those who walk shyly in this world to make their accommodation easier.

I am new to writing content about games, so please be patient with me and of course, anytime, I gladly accept advice to succeed in getting better and improving where I can.

With sincerity and gratitude,

Johnny – board_games_reactions