My rating system


🔟 Supreme – I would play it anytime – no matter the time and space – Top 10

That game that makes me feel satisfied even if i am losing, brings me joy and makes me happy.

9️⃣ Very good game – I really want to play it again – top 50

That game that makes me wish to play it again, discover new strategies, play it from a different perspective.

8️⃣ Good game – I want to play it again – top 100

I need more plays – Rating might go up or down

7️⃣ OK-ish game – it is a good game but some things didn’t click for me but i will play it again if other people want.

6️⃣ Bad game – i would not play this game again, maybe with some very rare exceptions…may be the case for some party games.

Maybe it is to boring/to luck dependent/ or some mechanism not well implemented/ or gameplay is not fluent/I have no satisfaction during the game or at the end of the game or or or…

5️⃣ Very bad game – I don’t want to play this “game” ever ever again

🔢 – More than terrible – broken, non-functional, I will never play this again…”bla bla” game / “is this even a board game?”